Monday, January 27, 2014


Remember Balloon Curtains???!!
I certainly I made many to decorate the windows in my American Four Square that we lived in during the 80's & early 80's.....I find them still quite charming!!

The basket of yarn caught my eye right away....I've been doing quite a bit of crocheting lately, from slipper~booties, headbands, scarves....even a purse....I've now started an afghan...that will be quite a long I'm crocheting it all in a shell stitch....

On to the room below...

I love the colors in this room...
The combo of the burgundy, soft mossy green walls and pink are just charming!

What girl wouldn't want this for her room??!!

The rag rug adds color and well as that wonderful star quilt!!

The stripes on the chair and covering on the table are miss matched....and then you have the floral all works together in such a charming way!

The tabletop has been kept simply decorated....
this room is charming, but not overdone....

A lesson I must learn....I tend to OVER decorate.

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*Come Home To Country BH&G*

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