Friday, January 17, 2014

~~Finding Gold!~

Only have one photo to share with you today....been very busy and haven't made the time to browse through my stash of vintage's been so refreshing and fun to flip through the pages and see the decor that I personally still love so appears that I'm gonna be one of those gals stuck in the past I my eye is still drawn to the look in the photos I've been sharing....guess this old gal will be one of the few to not jump on the all neutral palette when decorating....I've always been somewhat of  a "stand alone" be it!!  

I'm definitely NOT slamming the new trend in taste has changed somewhat throughout the years...I too in the past have been drawn to new trends...just not the trend popular at this a perfect world I'd snap my fingers and be gone with some of the really dark painted trim throughout my house....perhaps change the dark hunter green to more of a drab olive green....switch the military blue trim to a more dark gray....but, that's not going to happen at this stage of my life.....there's way too much wood work for me to want to hassle with right now....and it's not as if I don't like what I's just that now I would prefer something a bit more drab....
although the husband did work so hard in putting all this trim in the house....8" baseboards made from 4 different pieces of wood, custom made crown molding, etc....
and with having it painted in deep rich colors, certainly makes it stand out!

I am removing  wallpaper as I stated in an earlier the middle of a big project right now......we've lived in this house for 17 years and I've collected a vast amount of "stuff" during that time....and now it seems that the wallpaper competes with the "stuff" it's time to do the dreaded tearing down of the wallpaper....and you that have tackled this job know that it's not an easy one....

It has taken me days just to box everything up to just prepare for removing the paper, then of course you have to spray down the backing and scrape that, and then fill in the bazillion nail holes and we have so much trim in the house to tape off....and of course I couldn't just be happy with one color on the walls...I like the mottled look, so it's 3 different colors applied it's like painting the room 3 times.....actually 4...since the first color takes 2 coats.....((sigh))

Enough of me babbling on.....

(click on photo to enlarge)
*Country Living 1994*

This bedroom has everything I love......quilts with lots of color, painted wood with grids....I so LOVE the Goldy Yellow color on the quilt and what looks like a closet door and the trim in this room....and I like how the other wood pieces in the room are all different in color...bit hard to see, but it looks as if the cabinet with the lit'l dress hanging on it might be a dark blue and the shorter cabinet might be black...whatever they are....they are wonderful!


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