Friday, January 10, 2014

~~I NEED Color!~~

With the trend of NO color decorating these days....I realized I REALLY NEED COLOR in my home....and I've never been one to decorate according to the latest I won't be one to jump on the "No color" fad of decorating.

COLOR gives a home personality!

COLOR gives a home warmth!


I'll agree perhaps with the trend of "less clutter".....I'm getting more selective in what treasures I want to keep...mainly in part that we keep talking about downsizing and I'm trying to do it in stages.

I'm wanting bigger pieces to decorate with.....instead of so many smalls.
And I am going with more paint on my walls, instead of busy wallpaper....when we built this house 17 years ago....I papered almost all the rooms at that time....I hadn't ever tried doing the mottled paint look and I personally don't care for flat painted walls....I NEED texture...if not in a printed wallpaper...then in a textured type of paint treatment.

And I like a way of decorating that stands the look back over magazines from 20-35 years ago and still LOVE what I see....that's how I want my own home to be....not a trend or fad....

When the trend of "Country" hit everyone painted everything they owned Blue & Rose.
then some jumped on the "Southwest" fad....
"Shabby Chic"....of course everything was painted pastels.
and now we have....
"No Color~Neutrals"....everything is painted WHITE~CREAM  and Burlap is the choice of fabric....(((yawn)))
I've not boughten magazines for the past 15 years or so.....and I've sold many of the ones I use to have....but, I still have a healthy stack of magazines stored away....I'm gonna start digging through those old magazines and sharing what I find to still make my heart sing!
So let's get started!
 (click on photo to enlarge)
*Country Home Magazine 1995*
Hard to tell, but I do believe that the walls are paper in a yellow~buttery color...could be mottled paint, but I think it's mottle paint???....and look at ALL that color!!!  LOVE! LOVE! all the patterns on the couch!   I love the mix of the big old rustic wheel for a light fixture and whatever mule~horse thingy that is hanging above the doorway....but, then the room looks so soft....LOVE IT!
 mixing so many different textures and styles!
How boring it would be if there was NO color in this room....the COLOR is what MAKES this room!

 (click on photo to enlarge)
*Country Home Magazine 1995*

Be still my heart!!!
I even LOVE the busy floral wallpaper in this room, but there's very little competing with the paper....that's the difference in my own home....I have busy wallpaper, but I have LOTS of stuff on the walls fighting for attention....that will soon be changed!

I so LOVE the stripes on the furniture and pillows, mixed with the floral wallpaper!

And of course ya can't go wrong using a big old wooden trunk for a table!

And as ya can see, even those these photos are from 2 different homes...they both opted for WHITE trim in the rooms....just goes to show that WHITE can be used....but, when decorating the room itself....the COLOR is what gives it personality!!!
If you look close, there's a bit of Ranch~Cowboy style going on in this room...from the rug, cowboy boots and that pitcher has a bit of a Southwest Flair....all mixed in with antiques....rugged touches for a man, but so soft and pretty for a woman too!!!


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