Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~Light & Dark~

The kitchens below have very different  lighting...the first one is just as dark, as the next one is light.

Notice the dark busy blue wallpaper???!!.....I'm sure many won't care for it....but, I think it's fabulous!
Not sure what the tin pieces are sitting in the window, but I'm sure they are the topic of a lot of conversations.....art of any kind is always fun to chat about.

There's so much going on in this Kitchen....from the no~match chairs ....all the goodies hanging from the ceiling....neat tin chandelier lighting....I like the shelving built above the window to the left with all the kitchen utensils and what~nots hanging down....the 2 windows in this kitchen keeps it from being too dark to see what ya are cooking.......I'm a big fan of black appliances....so the stove caught my eye right away!

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*Country Home 1982*

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*Country Home 1983*

I could never pull off the open storage look in my kitchen.....what you can't see behind closed doors and drawers in my house, is too messy to share.....but, if your a neat one....then this opening pantry shelving is just great!  Gives off kind of a country store vibe....seeing all the goodies lined up on the shelves....in this kitchen there's also numerous baskets hanging from above!

This kitchen is much more airy with the big windows...plants were chosen as the window treatments, letting lots of light in.  I can't tell for sure what the  floor covering is in both kitchens..they appear to be rusty red in color though..... in my own dining~kitchen area, I have red terra~cotta tile....so I'm a big fan of rusty red flooring!

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