Sunday, January 19, 2014


I think just a bit or a lot of stenciling surely brings life to a room!

I personally still have stenciling in my own home....right below the crown molding in the back hallway ....and right below the molding that divides the upper half of the walls in our master half  has wallpaper and the bottom half is bead board which I stenciled right below the molding onto the bead's been 17 years since I stenciled these areas of my home...
and I still enjoy it as much today as I did when I first painted it!

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*Country Home 1982*

So much to take in while walking through the entry way of this home!
Look at the layered rag rugs that cover the floor.....Although the walls are painted white, the deep  dark wood furnishings and hanging quilt brings warmth to this area!

Imagine this area without the red motif stencil under the crown wouldn't be near as inviting and interesting.....just that added detail makes this area so much more appealing to the eye!

Even looking at the photo in the magazine it's hard to tell if the woodwork has been painted, but where the sun is shining on the door way trim, it appears to be a deep blue....
that would bring even more color to this entry way!

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*Country Home 1983*

If your the ambitious sort....then tackling this stenciling project would be divine!
 Rooms tucked under the eaves just are already so unique in themselves...

The collection of hooked rugs really makes my heart sing!

Although the wood trim and walls are one and the same color....having the touch of color in the curtains and the dark bedding and rugs....warms this otherwise cold looking room right up!

I can't tell what the framed piece is between the windows...perhaps a paper cutting known as
Scherenschnitte~ or what I call a painted snippet~because I can't pronounce Scherenschnitte.......regardless of what it is....I certainly love it!!!

Even though these rooms are from magazines over 20+ years ago....
I'd never know it by just looking at the photos!
Just proves that primitive~country never goes out of style....
I believe that any way!
And I know I'm not alone....because from the emails I'm getting...others feel the same way....
Thank you for letting me know that you are enjoying the photos ....and that like're still a lover of the deep dark primitive decor!  I so appreciate you contacting me.....the encouragement pushes me along on those days I'm feeling lazy not wanting to scan the photos, edit and update the blog....keep those emails coming so that I know you're looking!
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