Sunday, January 12, 2014


Valentine's Day was always a favorite Holiday when I was a child...picking out the box of Valentine's for school...signing each one, putting a little candy heart in the envelope before sealing it shut!

Making sure that you picked out just the right one for that special little boy you might have had a wee bit of a crush on....and being sure that you gave your closest friends the best ones out of the box!
I think most of us that create like using hearts in our work.....from a heart pillow made from an old tattered quilt or a little heart sewn to the chest of a cloth doll.....many antique cross stitch samplers have heart motifs scattered amongst their borders......hearts are just so fun to make...whether out of construction paper, fabric, or clay........
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To see more vintage~antique Valentine's click  HERE!!
And Handmade Valentine's are the BEST....get started on yours today!
At morn, at noon, at night.
Thy form in fancy still I see.
In gloomy shade, in blaze of light.
My thoughts are ever turned to thee.
Bright as the stars my love shall shine.
If you will be my Valentine.
09 10