Friday, February 28, 2014

~~Hodge Podge Of Delight~~

Even if ya were feelin' a bit down and gloomy....walking into this Kitchen would instantly put a smile on your face!!!  Only way I can describe this Kitchen, is that it's F U N!!

I had to scan it in 2 parts...didn't want you to miss out on anything!

My kitchen sink is just like this with the double drain boards...except mine doesn't have legs, it sits atop a custom built cabinet.  Old sinks just add so much charm to a kitchen!

Check out all the neat stenciling and hand painting around the windows, cabinets, F U N!

Once again a variety of styles of chairs are used...and lots of different colors are all pulled together from the walls, counter tops, shutters, curtains and rugs!

I Love that the fabric on the curtains above the sink, under the cabinets and sink don't match....
such a Hodge Podge of Delight!

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*Country Living 1991*

Just shows that ya can give a small Kitchen tons of personality!

Love the use of the outdoors garden bench inside for extra seating!

Once again lots of stenciling and hand painted squiggly fun~ness on the cabinets and shelving!

Yet again another different fabric was used on these windows....
that's about 4 different fabrics in just this one little room.....LOVE it!!

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*Country Living 1991*

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