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Sunday, February 2, 2014

~~Plates, Plates & More Plates~~

No one person should have as many plates hanging about their house as I do.....I didn't realize how many I actually had until I packed away the stuff from the dining~kitchen for the redo.

I knew that along with taking down the busy dark green stripe leafy wallpaper, that I wanted to rearrange all the goodies on the looks like I have LOTS more now, but there's actually less than before...I squirreled away a BIG box of stuff that I no longer wanted to use.

I had seen a photo on Pinterest of plates being layered...and I just HAD to try it....

(click on photo to enlarge)

I used 24 plates for this layered arrangement.....and I still had MORE than that left over to display....a normal sane gal would just store those others away ...of course NOT me...I had to find homes for all of 'em in the kitchen and dining room.......I spent more hours rehanging all my treasures, than it took me to do my part in painting.

Below is how the wall in the Dining Room looked BEFORE.....

I knew taking down the dark busy wallpaper would make a difference, in all honesty I was afraid I wouldn't like the lighter I've said more times than you wanna keep hearing, I'm a lover for dark rooms....I don't even like the light shining in......

As I purchased goodies I'd bring them home and hang them wherever I had time went on my walls were full, but as you can see...I had a collage of treasures, but they were competing with the busy wallpaper.  Before I knew it, SEVENTEEN years had passed .......I'm really not certain if it wasn't for us constantly talking about downsizing, that I would have gone to all the work...but, I LOVE the finished results!!!

The Same Wall AFTER!!

(click on photo to enlarge)

It is so much work to do the walls in what I call "mottling" is a 4 step process.....2 coats of the base color, then 2 other colors on daughter says I'm  so weird...the only person she's ever heard of that wipes paint off, after brushing it on....I personally LOVE the look...don't think I could ever just have plain painted walls without "mottling".

Later I'll bore ya with more Before & After Photos....

It was a 3 week process....packing up all the treasures....removing the wallpaper, taping off all the woodwork~trim....painting....and then returning the treasures to new spots.....

I felt bad that the husband had spent so much time fixing all the nail holes from before...because as you can see I made tons of new ones....sssshhhhhhhhh don't tell him, but for every treasure hung, it usually means there's at least 2 or 3 nail holes behind them....I definitely got my exercise...climbing up the ladder, hanging the treasure, climbing down the ladder to step back and look, climbing back up to move the treasure a teeny tiny bit, rinse and know how it is....
everything always needs tweaking!!!


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