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Monday, March 31, 2014

~Splash Of Spring~

The nights are still cold here in Kansas..
...the VERY windy days and warmer temps must mean Spring is finally here....
Time for me to take down the Winter Decor off the Front Porch and the exterior doors...
and Put out a Splash Of Spring!!!
So Love the Yellow Ware ....
The Painted Chairs....
The Multi-Colored Rag Rug...
The Tangerine Tab Curtains!!!

I'm fond of the grayish green painted window trim....
I so wish 17 yrs. ago I would have gone with that color in my home
instead of the dark hunter green I have....
 I'll live with what I have cuz there's WAY too much 
trim to repaint at this stage in my life....<sigh>....

 (Click On Photo To Enlarge)
*Country Living 1990*
The wide planked wood floor and rustic fireplace adds primitive charm...
The Floral Couch & Rug gives a Splash Of Spring!
Containers of flowers instead of a fire burning Screams Spring!
Just enough collectible treasures displayed to add personality!
That wicker footstool is just too damn darling!

(Click On Photo To Enlarge)
*Country Living 1991*

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