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Friday, April 4, 2014

~~Cottage Style~~

The wall color and built ins look more Buttercream than white....
could be my eyesight foolin' me again....

Just how cute is this room?
Maybe "cute" isn't the right word to describe it...
Definitely what I'd call "Cottage Style"!!

I so Love how the furniture is covered with coordinating fabrics...
the ruffles along the bottom of the chairs is just too fun!

The old chippy painted trunk pulls the green from the couch....
Tin painted tray atop the mantle is the perfect touch!

Rag Rug and hardwood finish the floor.

This room isn't overwhelmed with accessories...
just enough to give it personality ....
Don't know if the table used behind the couch is old or not,
but it's a perfect fit, with that BIG wire Birdcage!

What a marvelous idea...they stuck the ottomans under the 
table so they could squeeze all the furniture into the room....
just pull 'em out when ya need more seating!!!!

And check out the window treatments!!

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*Country Living 1992*

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