Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~~Never Too Much~~

This Dining Room Proves Ya Can Never Have Too Much Of A Good Thing!!

Ya have to really study these photos, or you're bound to miss somethun GREAT!!

A vast collection of Wooden Utensils, Molds, Crocks and so much MORE!!

I LOVE the lit'l touch of stenciling around the ceiling and window!


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*Country Living 1985*
(Click On Photo To Enlarge)
*Country Living 1985*


In the previous post I mentioned I was working on a new punch needle design...
whelp as picky and fickle as I am these days.....after punching for 6 hours I tossed the
piece into the trash....just wasn't doin' it for me...not one to give up easily...I drew up 
another design....and I'm happy enough with the finished punched piece that it's not in the trash...
not quite yet any way.

I've got numerous ways of finishing the piece bouncin' around in this fool head of mine.
The easy way would be to frame it or just turn and tack down the edges and be done with it....
but, I want to add a bit more to it than that.

So I'm hopin' that one of the ideas I'm mullin' over will pan out.
Gonna go up to the attic and dig around and see what I can find to inspire me.

Stay Tuned!
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