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Friday, April 11, 2014

~~ Simply Spring~~

Like most folks Spring & Fall are my favorite Seasons...
Although Springs are quite windy in Kansas...
The mild temps are surely enjoyable..
Normally by late evening the wind has settled down
and one can go out and enjoy a nice relaxing fire.

Living in South Central Kansas and
 gardening doesn't go hand and hand...
The Spring storms & winds...
and the harsh Summer temps
makes gardening very frustrating...
and for myself, I'm allergic to all plant life...
I try to have a few small flower beds scattered about ...
and though I would love to have more, 
I take enjoyment from feasting on the glorious gardens
I find online and in magazines!


Driving down a country road the home below with it's 
abundance of  flowers would surely catch my eye!

My imagination would go into overdrive wondering 
who lives in such a fabulous place...
Is there a lady of the house that likes to do needlework??
Is there little ones still about??
Is the inside of the house as eye catching as the outside??

 (Click On Photo To Enlarge)
*Country Living 1985*

What a clever idea ...
Shelter from the Spring rains and wind...
A perfect place to hang a hammock to relax and read a book...
and then of course to take a quick afternoon nap!!!

(Click On Photo To Enlarge)
*Country Living 1985*

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