Thursday, May 22, 2014

~~Well Hell~~

Seems like there's always that someone that has to stir the pot.

Just a few days ago I got back on Facebook.

A HUGE change is getting ready to happen in my personal life, and I was in hopes that by returning to Facebook it would help in a teeny tiny way fill the void.

Unfortunately someone felt the need to turn in my account due to the fact that I
had Hickety Pickety as my alternate name.

As many know when you're known for a business name that more times than not, folks have no idea what your personal name that was the reason for using Hickety Pickety as my
alternate name.  Hopefully Facebook will reinstate my account...I had acquired over 200 Friends in just a couple of days....<sigh>

So while they review my account, my Facebook Page is 

(click above to go to my Facebook...hopefully it'll be reinstated soon)

So PLEASE check back hopefully in a few days if not sooner to see if my account has been reinstated.  Too bad there's always those folks that have to be a party pooper and ruin it for others.

Have A Happy Day!!

P.S.  Thank you to everyone that ordered the "Made To Order" creations I was offering...
after just a couple of days I had over 20 orders consisting of over 30 dolls to make...
so grateful for your business...
but it was a bit overwhelming...
so I immediately took down the offers to make any more....
finishing up with the last of the orders this week...
once again I'm sorry to those of you that have emailed wanting to place an order...
I'll be making up some Finished Creations as time allows and
let ya know when they are available!
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