Saturday, August 30, 2014

~~Wicked Jack & More~~

Took a nice 2 week vacation...traveling to California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Nebraska and I'm sure I missed listing some state on our 5,500 mile road trip.

Been back  home now for a couple of weeks and makin' a bit of new Halloween!

In fact I went completely stupid and decided to make Wicked Jack into a new epattern.

If ya are interested in the Wicked Jack epattern go here:

I'm offerin' the Finished Halloween Here:

I've been asked about patterns for the Boo Black Cat & The Garland....

Here's the patterns that I used for those:

**I used the BIG Snowman and just added ears and tweaked it a bit with various embellishments.

I used the JOL head from this pattern to make the garland...of course just adding ears for the cat:

I hope that you've enjoyed your summer so with most folks...I'm ready for cooler weather.

Makin' Halloween stuff makes me feel as if it's gettin' that much closer to fall at least!

Have A Happy Day!


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