Tuesday, January 14, 2014

~Keeping It Dark~

There's nothing like LOTS of Deep Dark Wood to make a room primitive and cozy!

No matter what accents ya choose to use in a room full of deep dark wood.... it just WORKS!!

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*County Home Collection 1989*

LOVE the wide painted drab green paneling...dark natural wood floors, sisal style rug and deep rich colors in the furniture!  This room is soooo classy looking!

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*Country Home Collection 1989)

Chinked Log Walls, wide planked natural wood floors, so much wood happening on the ceiling.....
all the wood in this room just SCREAMS primitive...LOVE just the little pop of color on the mantel and shutters!

Did you see that FANTASTIC rug on the floor.....MERCY ME!!!!

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*Country Home Collection 1989*

I'd love to be sitting in this wonderful room right now...it's cold and windy here in Kansas....that fire certainly looks inviting!

Folks still love the painted round boxes today....most that love primitives have made some ourselves at one time or another through out the years....just shows that true primitive decor and creations are always going to be loved!

Brick mixed with plaster chinked log walls....So wonderful!!!!

Basket collection hanging from the rafters.....

Every time I look over these photos I see something else that I fall in love with!

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