Thursday, January 9, 2014

~Savings & Printing~

Still working on adding the Line Drawings ~ Coloring Sheets ~ Stitchery ~ Punch Needle Patterns.....

There's just so many uses for these!

They can be found HERE!

And with the New Year I've LOWERED ALL the prices on the items in my

Although many of the designs were created moons ago....they are still quite in tune with what's being designed today......just goes to show, that primitive folk art never goes out of style.

I personally feel that the prices for many of the digital epatterns and art, that I see offered....
are just way too high....

And to stand behind my feelings on pricing....I've lowered ALL my items!!!

You can now get epatterns for as low as $4!!

Digital Tags and Art to Print for as low as $2.50!!!

And the line be used as coloring sheets, stitchery, punch needle patterns, or whatever you may choose to do with them...are ONLY $ be printed out as many times as you desire!
(click on photo to enlarge)

I'm always being asked if I can print the images for you and mail them to your order to do that I would then have the hassles of shipping, etc.....and I personally don't want to get involved with all that.

There are MANY online printing services do NOT have to own a high dollar printer in order to enjoy these images and art work to print out for yourself.

You can download the images and make cards from them...postcards, frame them, etc.....

Did you know that you can have them printed through Wal Mart and either have them delivered to the store or right to your home?

And it's very inexpensive to do so...MUCH MUCH less than I could ever print them can even personalize your cards with verses....there are many options to choose from....I have a friend that prints all her own greeting cards through WalMart....she purchases art and images and the cards turn out wonderful!!!

Many state that they print on archival paper and use archival inks that will last 100 years....I really could care less about all that....I won't be here in 100 years to worry about if the print faded a bit!  I've had cards printed on standard card stock and they look great after 20+ years!

Go check out all the options Here! The great thing with WalMart is that you can have singles made....or a calendar or mounted prints ready to hang!!

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