Thursday, January 30, 2014

~~Yummy Yarn & More~~

No time to sift through magazines for yummy eye candy today, but more decor photos will be posted soon.  I'm crocheting an afghan for my family's coming along nicely....I picked a dark primitive color palette...pulling all the colors in the room into the afghan.

I'm working the tails into the afghan as I go....saving the little snippets to throw outside in the yard for the birdies to build pretty nests!

The dining room~kitchen redo is coming along....all the painting is done and I've began putting my treasures back's quite the under taking....I've mentioned before I'm one to over decorate....I do believe having 50 plates hanging on the walls and probably 15 or more pictures in these 2 rooms alone is probably more than any one person needs....I am packing some away to take to auction later this year least I'm getting some exercise...climbing up a down the ladder 100's of times...doing acrobatics trying to reach above kitchen cabinets to paint and hang goodies....

It's all coming together and I'm really happy that I decided to rid those rooms of the wallpaper....even though during this process I questioned why I was putting myself and the husband through all this work....everything will be clean and it's fun to have my treasures displayed in new was time for a change after 17 years.....just seemed like a few months ago I put that wallpaper up there.

I best get back to the decorating so I can start crocheting on my afghan!

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