Thursday, April 24, 2014

~~Hopped Right By~

Easter Hopped Right By 
... I didn't get around to 
makin' a post...

So Happy Belated Easter...
Seems as if the time is just Hoppin' right a long...

I've been working on getting a mailing list together...
Thanks for your patience...
as some of ya have gotten a few Test emails...
Never knew it'd be so hard to find an email program that
would send a large bulk mailing....errrrrrr.

For those of you that didn't receive an email from me 
the past couple of days...
and would like to be on the mailing list...
Email Me and I'll add ya!!!

I know I've been saying the past 2 years that
I'm gonna start creating again...but, that's not happened yet.
Getting the email list together I hope will make me
get in gear and actually C R E A T E!

I've read literally over a 100 books this past year...
I've decided to do less reading and spend that time C R E A T I N G!
 Maybe limit myself to 6 or so books a month.

For those of you that contact me wanting 
to order finished goodies.
I so appreciate your interest in my "stuff".
But, I'm a hater of orders for finished goodies.
Even while doing Hickety Pickety
as a full time business, I didn't take orders on finished products.
I'm always so flattered when I hear from you
and so appreciate knowing that you're visiting my

Another question I get asked quite frequently is...
Will I be doing any projects for magazines like I once did.
At this time, that just doesn't interest me.
I hate deadlines, just as much as I hate orders.

I think perhaps that's why I've not gotten back into creating...
maybe I fear that it'll turn into a "job" again...
I just want it to be somethun I do for F U N!

Hickety Pickety took on a life of it's own the first time around
and I don't want to let that monster back out again!!!
It's great to have a successful business...
but, it's not great when that business
 consumes your life.

So don't give up on me quite yet....
I'm hoping to have some finished goodies to offer you soon!!

Take Care~~
09 10