Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Each Memorial Day we make our way to the rural cemeteries that our loved ones were put to rest.

The drive through the Kansas farmlands bring back so many childhood memories.

Many of the homes that once stood proud back then....
are now but sad shells of themselves...

The home below holds special meaning to me, I spent many weekends here visiting my sister.
She lived in this house long ago...it has sat empty for years....these old farm houses
deteriorate very fast when they are not lived in and loved.

As we pass by one old homestead after another....
 these big old homes are just left behind and forgotten...

My Great Grandparents and Grandparents are buried in this lit'l country cemetery.
I love the simple entry with the old wire gates...
Wish I could have taken a photo with the gates shut, but they had them wired open for the day.

Hope you spent your Memorial Day with your loved ones.

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