Saturday, May 30, 2015


What I've Learned So Far About Soldering~~

*It Takes A Lot Of Supplies
*It's Relatively Expensive To Get Started
*It Looks Easier Than It Actually Is
*There's A Fine Line Between Too Much And Not Enough Solder
*Lead Free Solder Costs Lots More Than Regular Solder
*Glass Comes In All Thicknesses
*Regular Picture Frame Glass Cracks Very Easily
*Gotta Have Lots Of Patience
*Can Be Quite Frustrating
*The Foil Doesn't Stick When You Need It To
*The Foil Won't Come Off When You Want It To
*When They Say The Piece Gets HOT, They Mean It
*Larger Pieces Are Easier To Work With
*Smaller Pieces Are Easier In Keeping The Solder Consistent
*Soldering On Jump Rings Sucks
*I'm Really Slow At This
*I Keep Reworking The Same Piece Over And Over Again
*I Keep One Piece To Every Two I've Thrown Away
*The Possibilities Are Endless
Have A Happy Day~~

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